Issuing Corrected W-2s

Today TaxMama hears from Yvonne in Utah, with this question.
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“I work in the mortgage industry. Recently, I was provided a W2 from a customer that had the Medicare and Social Security withholdings crossed out, with the corrected amounts typed in. The business that issued the W2’s is small, and they indicated that they had made an error. Instead of issuing new W2’s, they corrected them.

My supervisor said this could not be accepted for income because and employer is not allowed to make a change like this. I was curious if this is accurate.”

Dear Yvonne,

Your supervisor is correct about this revised W-2 not being acceptable.

The employer is unclear on the concept.
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If they want to correct the amounts on their W-2s, they have to file the amended W-2s with the Social Security Administration (SSA) – in addition to giving the correction to the employee.

A corrected W-2 will look like this:
instructions –

So, either the employee’s withholding is still wrong – because IRS and the SSA were never notified of the correction….Or this is a phony W-2 and the folks faking it are fools.

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