IRS Problem Resolution Day

Feeling Overwhelmed with taxes!

Today TaxMama wants to give you some pointers on how to use the IRS Open House days effectively. People write to us with IRS problems all the time. I wish I could solve them all for you. But, generally, the only way to solve your problem is for you to take action. Here’s your chance to get them resolved.

Dear Family,

Last week I announced that IRS would be holding an Open House day on Saturday, May 15th at IRS offices all over the country.

For those of you experiencing problems and frustrations, this is a powerful opportunity to get your case settled in one swell foop. IRS really is sincere about taking you seriously and fixing the problem. Or setting up an installment agreement that works. Or, getting your wage levies removed – if you work out an alternate payment plan. Or if you truly cannot pay at this time, you can talk to someone face-to-face to explain why.

Bring everything you will need to support your case, or to resolve your problem, or to explain your position.

Bring copies of the relevant tax returns.
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Bring your paystubs. Bring recent copies of mortgage statements, rent receipts, or whatever else you need to prove your expenses (if you need an installment agreement).  I doubt that you will be able to get an Offer in Compromise on this day. But if you’ve submitted one and it was rejected recently, this could be your shot to save it.

Do your homework. If you need to fill out forms, fill them out in advance, as far as you can. If you can’t handle it, bring the form and whatever you’ve managed to do. And bring the back up you need to support the form so IRS can help you finish filling it out.

If your issue is a dispute over who gets a dependent, bring along copies of your divorce agreement, proof that the child lives with you, or proof that you are paying more than half your child’s support.

Use the information on to help you prepare. We’ve built a category list on each page  . Use the search engine. But whatever you do, don’t let this day go by!

And if you can’t go, send your tax professional, along with your signed Power of Attorney – Form 2848.

This day is for businesses, as well as individuals.
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Whatever your problem is, stop griping! VISIT an IRS office on Saturday. Get HELP!

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about IRS problems and other tax issues, free.

Where? Where else? At

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