IRS Lost My Appeal

Today TaxMama hears from Bernie in Georgia who’s upset. “I filed an offer in compromise that was rejected. I prepared an appeal and took it to the IRS office, who stamped it received.

That office has apparently “lost” my appeal.

What do I do next, aside from re-doing the appeal and sending the copied paper that was date stamped. I am in quite a pickle here!“

Dear Bernie,

You TOOK your appeal to an IRS office in person and have a stamped receipt?

No kidding.

Do you have a copy of your entire appeal? (You’d better!) Folks, always make a complete set of copies of ALL documents and correspondence with IRS or any other government officials – or any legal issue. Things do get lost – it never hurts to have a complete set at hand that you can re-copy in a few moments – like a back-up.

Make a copy of the material you took in for the appeal – and the letter.
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And the receipt. And march right back into that office and POLITELY ask for a supervisor.

How dare they lose an appeal that you worked so painstakingly to put together?

If you have a stamped receipt that IRS got the materials, then they need to behave responsibly.

If they can’t find it, have them extend the time for the appeal – on the record, in writing. And get them all the information to support your case. Quickly.

You may want to get an experienced tax pro to help you. You can find one at or or .

Actually, if IRS isn’t cooperative about fixing their own error, consider calling the Taxpayers Advocate Service for help – 1-877-777-4778,,id=97402,00.html

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about offers in compromise and other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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