IRA Without a Cause

Today TaxMama hears from Chris in the TaxQuips Forum  who says.
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“I took money out of an IRA for a down payment on a house (after a divorce) and was intending to pay it back within the 60 days. My employer hinted I should start looking for a new job. So I think I want to hang on to the money as a buffer. My question is, should I make a quarterly tax payment for the IRA money?”

Dear Chris, 

Roll that money back into a NEW IRA.  Do not re-deposit it into the old IRA.
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File for unemployment if you get laid off.

 Then, if you still need money, THEN draw money out of the IRA.
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 You can avoid paying taxes on it for now.  You can skip the current estimated tax payment.
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And, who knows, maybe you can come up with a clever way for your employer to increase his income – and get to keep your job. When someone helps generate revenue for the business, they become too valuable to fire.

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