In the Millionaire Zone

Today TaxMama wants to tell you a little bit about my exciting experience last week at Jennifer Openshaw’s Women in the Millionaire Zone Conference.

Originally, the organizers expected about 400 people. But from the feedback we speakers were getting, we suggested they prepare for more. The room was set up for over 700 – and it was full.

The speakers were amazing.

Jennifer pointed out that you have a 1 in 6 chance of becoming disabled in your lifetime. So, it’s a good idea to develop wealth to take care of you. On the other hand, there are 25,000 new millionaires being created every day. And there’s no reason you can’t be one of them!

Speakers included Lisa Vander the real estate investment advisor who generally shares the stage with Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki and is advisor to the players of the NBA. Shari Fitzpatrick of Sheri’s Berries Fame, and Hilary Kramer, AOL Finance Editor and Nightly Business Report Commentator – and Kathy Ireland – model turned billionaire. And of course, your TaxMama.

You can find more details in the article online, including an invitation to a special retreat this weekend so you can start your own path into the Millionaire Zone.

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