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Today TaxMama hears from Nancy in Florida with this problem. “I am a first time home buyer. My husband co-signed for someone 4 years ago. That house was never his primary residence. We can prove it with lease papers from our apartment. My house mortgage is only on my name. My husband is in the deed because we are married. Can I get the first time homebuyer credit?”

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Dear Nancy,

Life is so much more complicated than the Legislature could have imagined. But, yes, you and your husband are qualified for the full first-time homebuyers credit.

Your husband is a brave and generous fellow. He has never lived in the home. The provisions of the law allow you to own other real estate, including rentals, vacation homes, offices – even to co-sign for someone. As long as the house was never your husband’s primary residence, no problem. So, do save the proof you had.

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