Highly Skilled Labor

Today TaxMama hears from Tony in Virginia who tells us. “We have purchased a high efficient heat pump that qualifies for the 30% tax credit. We plan to remove the old system and install the new system. Can we charge our labor to the tax credit amount? I have a side engineering business along with schooling from the USAF for HVAC (heating, venting, air conditioning). I also am EPA certified. HVAC is not my primary line of work, I engineer all sorts of control systems (industrial & naval).”

Dear Tony,

 Congratulations on having all those skills!

They are undoubtedly useful in a great many ways. Even towards helping you cut substantial costs of installation for this and other things.

 However, your own labor is never a tax cost – not for credits, not charitable contributions, not for self-employed businesses, …you’re getting the picture.

 Valuable to you – worthless to IRS.

 For the credit, you may use your expenditures for appropriate credit-worthy items.

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