Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving


Dear Family,

Today, I just want to say THANK YOU.

This morning, on the verge of waking up, all bundled up under the covers, with the heater making the room all cozy…I was thinking warm and loving thoughts.
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Of family and friends.

Of TaxMama® family and friends.

Of all the different people I interact with every day and every week.

I was going to identify each of you by name and special position in my life.

But, when I thought of each one of you with love, I found that there are just so many people who make my life good, and solid and mentor me and help me behind the scenes, and even up front, where you can see them – that it would take pages and pages to list them all here.

You know who you are. Each one of you, who takes the time to call me, or send me a note, or a joke, or a project, or refers me to someone who calls me, or who asks me a question – or answers one for me, or who smiles at me, suddenly in the middle of a stressful day, or just looks up and meets my eye – in person or virtually.

It sometimes feels so lonely, and isolated, sitting here, at my desk, in my living room – seeing the world outside, flashing by, each day, while I struggle to meet deadlines. But…

Wow. I had no idea just how blessed I really am.

THANK YOU for your love, participation and patience.

Do you want to feel the same way?

Make a list of each person who enhances your life, each day, in some way.

If you’ve been feeling alone, you will also be astonished at how un-alone you really are.

In fact, if you’ve been feeling alone, which often happens this time of year, reach out and invite someone you know, or work with, to join you for a meal, or a play, or ice skating, or a even something as simple as a walk in the park. Don’t wait for an invitation from others.
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Perhaps they are too shy to ask you – or think you are too popular or important to accept their humble invitation.

As you race off for the holiday weekend, let me leave you with some peaceful thoughts.

Please, please, slow down.

Stop. Look around you. Really look.

You will leave fewer things behind at home or the office.

Look up directions (if you’re driving) and timetables (if using planes, trains, buses, etc.)

You will experience less stress.

You will not exhibit road rage – or less of it.


Listen to the people around you.

Especially the children.

Listen to the road reports.

Listen to delays.

Listen to instructions calmly.

And you will see and experience the things and people you love and appreciate.

With love and gratitude.


Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama®


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