Dogs in Kennels

Today TaxMama hears from Yvonne in Texas, who wants to know.
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“ A client that has a business has to go out of state to do a job. She has to kennel her dogs while she is away on business. Is this expense of kenneling her dog a legal expense for tax purposes?
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TaxMama answers Tax Questions

Dear Yvonne,

Certainly it’s a legal expense. Do you see anything illegal about spending money to provide care for your pets.

But, ahhh…the tax purposes part of the question.

If the dogs have nothing to do with her business, why would the cost of the kennels have anything to do with her business?
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Sorry, that’s not a business expense – no deduction here.
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Good try, though. I am glad to see you are looking for legal ways to give your clients the maximum deductions.
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