Disaster Unemployment Assistance

Today we hear from Jan in San Diego, CA who’s trying to help her clients. “We are trying to help clients and friends from this office. Do you know how to file a DUA (Disaster Unemployment Assistance Claim)? The number at EDD is so busy they hang up on you and you cannot file a DUA (only UI) online.”

Dear Jan,

I can certainly understand why they’re so busy right now.

OK, reading the information at EDD, I learn:


Disaster Unemployment Assistance only comes to you AFTER you’ve exhausted the regular state benefits. You’re right. It’s paid and administered by the Federal Government.

But, when you do get it, it’s only 50% of your regular disability or unemployment benefit.

So, the procedure for now, is to apply for regular unemployment or disability benefits.

Of course, the question really is – is there an accelerated process to speed up the application?

Yes, you can apply online. The application includes disaster-related questions. And the normal waiting period for benefits has been waived. https://eapply4ui.edd.ca.gov/. They promise to work as quickly as possible to process the claims. And regardless of how long it takes, folks will get checks going back to the date they were first eligible.

[Note: No doubt, if you have a fire-related disability claim, it will get the same treatment, too.]

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