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Today TaxMama® wants to have a little fun while I am waiting for all my emails to download.  During our Thanksgiving vacation, I had time to do some reading. Let me introduce you to Diane Kelly, a CPA and writer – and her very interesting protagonist, Tara Holloway, a rather feisty IRS Special Agent.



Dear Family,

Early this year, my Kindle offerings introduced me to Death, Taxes and a French Manicure. Great title. Couldn’t resist. Couldn’t put it down. So, during this holiday, I decided to load my Kindle with her next book.  Death, Taxes and a Skinny, No-Whip Latte. I don’t know quite how true-to-life the story is about the day-to-day life of an IRS Special Agent. But, we get to join her a very long stake-out (one I would have cut short quite a bit earlier, by checking in with a postmaster much sooner), and on some rather harrowing adventures. She tries to nab someone who’s not just a big-time tax cheat; but a murder and rather brutal loan shark.  Despite giving a squeaky clean appearance on paper, she finds the key to nabbing him and putting him and his minions under lock and key. And keeps us laughing and cringing along the way.

That second book was such a page-turner, I finished it much too quickly, so…I downloaded the next book, Death, Taxes and Extra-Hold Hairspray. Besides, you get to know the characters – and want to know what happens next. In this one, her weird and super-tough boss with the 1960s beehive hairdo, coated in super-glue-type hairspray starts to lose her hair, while undergoing chemo. There’s a special poignancy to this story. While she tries to help her boss maintain her dignity, Tara and partner are off to bust the Republic of Texas, a militant separatist group purporting to operate its own sovereign nation – and the minister of a mega-church (much like the Crystal Cathedral – only in Birmingham).

Death, Taxes and a Sequined Clutch revolves around a very funny revenge on a love-em-and-leave-em CPA, while trying to prove a client that her former CPA firm had audited was engaged in financial hanky-panky. Tara helps the SEC investigate some instant millionaire computer geeks who just launched an IPO (initial public offering) and sold off their stock. What’s wrong with this picture, even though the audit is squeaky clean?

Then I ordered Death, Taxes, and Peach Sangria – which won’t be released until the end of January. I can hardly wait!

The legal issues and obstacles presented in each of the stories make the books very interesting. But the harrowing adventures and the writer’s sense of humor make it impossible to put the books down.

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