Dealing with Addicts

Today TaxMama hears from someone who will remain anonymous. She was shocked to learn that her man has been secretly abusing drugs for several years. When asked where he got the money?
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She admitted that he had gained access to an ATM card on an account she wasn’t watching and had depleted that account.

Dear Friends,

Over the years, I have told you about Doug Thorburn, and his book, Drunks, Drugs, and Debits. I have never really given it major focus, or seriously advised you to read it. It’s time now.

Generally, people find Doug’s book after they have experienced the heartbreak of the financial and emotional disaster wrought by someone close to them.
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By then, frankly, it’s probably too late. By then, the finances have been depleted – as has all your patience and tolerance for the relationship.

Please, please, please…start looking at the troubling, or disturbing relationships you are having with your mate, children, partners, or people who were once your good friends.

As this person just told me, she didn’t understand why her man was no longer communicating with her. Why he was avoiding anything but the most superficial conversations.
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Why their relationship was starting to fall apart. Are you seeing this in your relationship?

He was exhibiting signs of depression, sleeping too much, behaving lethargically, becoming less productive. Although she was concerned and tried to get him medical care, he resisted. Addicts are often irrational in their resistance to medical drugs, yet take illegal drugs. Are you seeing any of this in your loved one?

Doug’s website and his book will help you identify the signs of drug or alcohol use and abuse. It’s important to try to identify the problem early, before it goes too far.
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But, even if it has progressed, once you know what the problem is, you may be able to salvage the situation. Knowing makes all the difference!
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With so many people out of work, or facing financial cutbacks, there is a serious danger of reduced self-esteem, which leads to depression, which leads to alcohol and drug abuse. Please, I urge you to read this book now, (when you don’t need it) to help you recognize the signs in the people around you – and start to fix the problem. Knowing – can save someone’s life.

And remember, you can find answers to all kinds of questions about money and addicts, and other tax issues, free. Where? Where else? At

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