Today TaxMama® hears from TaxSeason in the TaxQuips Forum, with this question.  “Is there an easy or quick way to figure the commuting miles for people who file a Schedule C? (ie…5% of business miles)?”

Dear Tax,

Certainly there is.

And these days, it’s even easier.
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Use Mapquest. Enter their home address and their business address.
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Print out the mileage information.

Multiply by 2 (round-trip).

Multiply by the number of days they went to work.

And voila! Provable commuter miles.

(In the past, I would just ask them how far to work and then do the math.


Why would I ever use percentage of anything? Never.

After all, the ‘commute’ is a fixed distance.

Any trip not going to the regular work location, is no longer commuting, right?

It’s at least a temporary workplace; or they are business miles.

Of course, if they file a Schedule C and work from home – commuting miles are ZERO!

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5 thoughts on “Commuting

  1. pedro torrea says:

    I work at the ticket counter and also I work as a Ramp agent handeling bags. My other friend they just work on the ramp. And can you please tell me more about how the per diem work bcz my sister is a flight attendance. She she will like to know what are her deductions.

    Thank you very much for taking your time to answer my question. .

  2. TaxMama says:

    I see, Pedro.

    But that doesn’t help.
    What do you do for the airline?

    For instance, airline ticket-takers don’t have enough job-related expenses to itemize.
    Perhaps pilots or flight crew might, depending on how they handle their per diem expenses.

    And if you sell real estate, you would not be itemizing.
    You would be reporting your income and expenses on a Schedule C.

    Perhaps you can tell me what kinds of jobs those friends had who had all those deductions?


  3. pedro torrea says:

    I Work For a Airline and Also do Real estate part time but this years show lots of house but dint sell anything. .

  4. TaxMama says:

    Gracias Pedro and Happy Valentine’s Day to you, too.

    What is it you do for a living?
    That determines the kinds of things you deduct as job-related expenses.


  5. pedro torrea says:

    Can Someone Please Tell Me What can Itemize on the Schedulle A. From Work some of my friend Itemize Meals, Transportation, I even saw one that have rent on the schedule A, can this be done?

    Thank You in advance all!!! And Feliz Dias Del Amor & la Amistad

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