Bounced Paycheck

Today TaxMama hears from Frank in Thousand Oaks, CA who has this problem. “I worked for a delivery company who paid weekly by checks. One of their checks bounced. So I did not receive my last week pay check.
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Is there a way I can get them to pay for lost wages? The problem is I am out of state and it has been two years since the incident.
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Hey Frank,

Why did you wait so long?

Even though this is not a tax question, I happen to have learned that the statute of limitations on this kind of thing tends to be 2 years.

You could have filed with the Labor Board in that state – but after 2 years, it’s probably too late.

You could have filed a Small Claims action – again, after 2 years, it’s probably too late.

But, those are the rules in California.

Do some research on the statutes of limitations in the state you were in.

Perhaps they provide more time.

Next time, address the problem immediately. There are resolutions if you do it within the time the law provides.

It’s also possible some more experienced readers will have some additional advice. So keep an eye on the Comments to this Tax Quip.

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