Beware – the Latest Fake IRS Letter

#IRS just sent out this alert about the latest #scam – this letter is NOT from the IRS. Please tell your friends and clients – pass this on.

OLD SCAM, NEW TWIST: Thieves use often change tactics to get hold of your information and money. #IRS urges you to stay alert.

Scams may come in the form of printed letters too. #IRS reminds you to stay alert and avoid becoming a victim.

Beware of criminals posing as #IRS. Stay alert:

NEW SCAM ALERT: Beware of letter pretending to be from #IRS. Learn more at‎

Criminals pose as #IRS to get your money. Stay alert:

Criminals impersonating the #IRS are an ongoing threat. Stay alert:

Don’t be fooled by criminals impersonating #IRS. Stay alert:

In recent years, many taxpayers have been victims of tax scams and fake #IRS communication. Stay alert:

Con artists can seem convincing, using bogus names and #IRS ID numbers. Warn your loved ones not to fall for it.