Ask TaxMama #668 – Happy New Year

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As of now, we’re getting close to new legislation to head off our plunge down that famous (and tedious) fiscal cliff. Here are some of the details of the law we expect to see:

1) Estate taxes will rise to 40%. But the exclusion from estate and gift taxes appears to hold steady at $5 million.

2) Tax rates will rise for couples earning $450,000 or more and singles earning $400,000. (Sounds like it’s no longer a good idea to get married for those in the higher wage brackets. Staying single, your taxes don’t rise until you earn $800,000 combined – i.e. the marriage penalty is back.)

3) Unemployment benefits are extended for one more year.

4) There will be a permanent fix for the alternative minimum tax – details to come.

5) Child tax credits and the Earned Income Credit are extended.

6) Education credits are extended.


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I hope your New Year’s celebration is joyous, lighthearted, and without a care.
And that next year, all you wish for will be right there!

Here’s to a less taxing 2013!


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