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Today TaxMama wants to tell you about a few updated articles and tips you may find useful.

1) Everyone’s so into eBay and live garage sales.
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And summer is definitely the time for it.
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So, here’s an article on how to keep good records on your purchases, if you’re going to be turning around and re-selling the things you buy.
eBay Sales and Garage Sales – Keeping Irrefutable Records .

2) Several years ago, TaxMama gathered together a list of useful tax and retirement planning tools for you.
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The ideas are still good. And so are the links.
Tax Planning Tools – Legal and Sensible Ways to Keep Your Taxes Low.

3) Now that the huge press of tax season is over, it’s time to look at this year. And if you’re running a business, or have complex investment transactions this year, it’s a good time to hire a tax professional and set up a meeting, that’s not overshadowed by a filing deadline. This article will help you identify what you need and what to ask a tax professional before you commit your finances to them.

Why Your Business Needs A Tax Pro

4) Although this article was written for tax professionals, it would not hurt you to read it, too. You will get some good ideas on ways to improve your finances – and have a basis for talking points when you meet with your tax pro.
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Ten Reasons to Call Your Clients Right Now: A Win-Win Proposition.

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