A Ridiculous Situation

Today TaxMama hears from MR in the TaxQuips Forum with a stupid problem.  “In the course of a personal audit, IRS made a routine request for an employer letter to verify that his education is not a minimum requirement of the job. MR’s boss at TSA is afraid to write the letter – and is willing to let his employee suffer an ,000 tax assessment and potential additional years’ audits as a result of the assessment.
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What can MR do to give IRS a letter?
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Dear MR,

Wow! What a silly tempest in a teapot.  This IS a routine matter and shouldn’t require an act of Congress.  One of your problems may be because you asked your boss.  S/he clearly has some cause for personal fears.
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Did you try to ask your personnel or human resources department?  That might be an easier way to go.

If you cannot get this simple letter from work, then, yes, I absolutely would contact my U.S. Representative or Senator for further assistance. Since TSA is federally funded, you ARE working for the U.S. Government. Perhaps a letter from your Senator or Representative would qualify as an employer letter? That may be stretching it a little…but it may work.
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Incidentally, is there anything in the employee manual about education, minimum requirements and continuing education? Perhaps you can make copies of the relevant pages in the manual – and prove you had already met the minimum standards – and that you are simply learning more to improve your knowledge and skills.

 For ,000, I would certainly pursue this, too!
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