1040EZ-T Quickie

Today TaxMama had an interesting adventure after hearing from Mike in New York who asks. “Can the Form 1040EZT be filed after April 17, 2007” [Note: That’s the quick refund form for individuals to claim the Telephone Tax Excise Credit.]

To which, TaxMama replied – “You betcha!”

And Mike comes back and says, but the instructions to the form says it must be filed by April 17th.

So TaxMama goes back and looks at the instructions.

Raises her eyebrows. Shrugs. And says, “hmmmm.

Can this possibly be correct? It makes no sense.”

So, TaxMama writes to her trusty friends and education partners at IRS’s Taxpayer Education and Communication group in Washington DC. And within minutes gets a response – “Let me find out and I’ll get right back to you.”

Meanwhile, Mike has called IRS all over the country and gotten different responses from three different offices. Now, considering this is a yes or no question, how do you get three responses, I wonder.


Anyway, yesterday we got the definitive answer from IRS spokesman William Cressman, who said, via his BlackBerry “This is not true. Form 1040EZ-T can still be filed as long as the other Form 1040’s for 2006 are accepted.
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Refunds that are processed through the 1040 series will be available through 04/15/2010 (3 years from the due date – same as for amended returns). “

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