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IRPAC Issues Annual Report for 2012

Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service WASHINGTON — The Information Reporting Program Advisory Committee (IRPAC) today released its 2012 Report, which includes recommendations pertaining to a number of information reporting issues such as cost basis reporting for debt and options, the new Form 1099-K, the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act, information return corrections and other […]

FDIC Limits

Today TaxMama hears from Bud in Tennessee who tells us: “My wife had a CD in an online bank that exceeded the FDIC guaranteed amount. The Internet bank went into receivership and my wife lost the amount that exceeded the FDIC limit. What are the tax implications as far as the loss and what schedules […]

Reducing the Federal Tax Gap

[TaxMama Note: $245 billion (71%) of the Tax Gap results from individuals who under-report their income, over-report expenses, don’t pay tax, or file tax returns, IRS estimates that non-filers account for about $25 billion of the Tax Gap. And that over $100 billion is caused by small businesses. I tell you this just so you […]