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I Notice I Owe

Today TaxMama hears from Lynne in Mansfield, Texas, who says, “I received a notice that payment is owed. Will I be able to file my taxes and have them take the amount out that is owed? And still receive a refund?” ~~~~ Dear Lynne, Well, that must be depressing. I can’t answer you since I […]

Used Car Tax Preparers

Today TaxMama hears from Noe in Texas, who wants to know. “Why should taxpayers avoid companies that prepare tax returns free of charge on the condition that the customer uses their refund as a down payment on a car or that offers them the refund as a loan like that? How they can do better?”

Friend’s EIC

Today TaxMama hears from Mike in Portland, OR who tells us. “My girlfriend and I recently did our taxes, separately. We both already filed, too. However, when I did mine, I checked for an EIC and got more of a refund than she did. Unfortunately, she already filed and received a refund. I know she […]