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Avoid Bad Tenants

Today TaxMama hears from Jack in the TaxQuips Forum, who had a really bad experience.  “I have a rental property and rented to a woman for a total of 2 months. First, she gave me two bad checks (1st month rent and deposit) and moved in. I found out 2 wks later the checks were bad. […]

Renting Out Rooms

Today TaxMama hears from Bloomers in the TaxQuips Forum. She is renting out the rooms in her 5-bedroom house. Bloomers asks.  “What are the laws for renting out rooms?  If the amount I am making in rent every month, on average, does not amount to the total cost of the mortgage and house expenses, is […]

Tenant Mess

Today TaxMama hears from Anne in New Jersey with this problem. “My tenant was evicted on 6/30/09. She left owing $4,000 in back rent – and she vandalized the townhouse. So far, I have spent $13,000 in repairs (contractor fees and supplies) to bring the townhouse into rentable condition. Can I claim the $13,000 on […]