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IRS Automates Installment Agreement User Fees

Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service IR-2008-033 WASHINGTON —The Internal Revenue Service announced today that it has automated the user fee calculations for taxpayers entering into an installment agreement. Previously, taxpayers were required to submit a paper Form 13844 to request a reduced user fee. Now, eligibility for reduced fees is determined automatically by the […]

National Taxpayer Advocate Releases 2007 Annual Report to Congress

Key areas of the report focus on improving taxpayer services, ensuring that taxpayer rights are protected in the IRS’s private debt collection initiative, and making the IRS’s offer-in-compromise program more accessible for taxpayers who are unable to pay their tax debts in full. The report also addresses the challenges the IRS is facing because of […]

IRS and States to Share Employment Tax Examination Results

[Courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service] WASHINGTON — Officials from the Internal Revenue Service and more than two dozen state workforce agencies today announced they have entered into agreements to share the results of employment tax examinations. The agreements, part of the Questionable Employment Tax Practice (QETP) initiative, provide a centralized, uniform means for the […]

New Online EIN Application Processes Requests in Minutes

New Online Employer Identification Number Application Processes Requests in Minutes WASHINGTON — Taxpayers can now request an Employer Identification Number (EIN) through a Web-based system that instantly processes requests and generates identification numbers in real time, the Internal Revenue Service announced today. “This new and improved online application will reduce the time it takes taxpayers […]

Tax on Barry Bonds’ Ball

Today we hear from Christine in PA who throws us this curve ball. She says, “I just saw on the news that the gentleman that caught Barry Bonds 756th home run ball is selling it because he can’t afford the tax bill for just possessing it. I’m not aware of the tax that would be […]

IRS Wants YOUR opinion – Updates to Corporate and Partnership Tax Forms

IRS Seeks Comments on Updates to Corporate and Partnership Tax Forms WASHINGTON — The Internal Revenue Service has released for comment and discussion draft revisions to Form 1065, U.S. Return of Partnership Income, and Form 1120, U.S. Corporation Income Tax Return. The IRS plans to have the forms and related schedules ready for use for […]

National Taxpayer Advocate Report to Congress

National Taxpayer Advocate Releases Report to Congress; Identifies Priority Challenges and Issues for Upcoming Year WASHINGTON — National Taxpayer Advocate Nina E. Olson today delivered a report to Congress that identifies the priority issues the Office of the Taxpayer Advocate will address in the coming fiscal year. Among the key areas of focus will be […]

New Round of IRS Audits Coming This Fall

IRS Updates National Research Program for Individuals IR-2007-113, June 6, 2007 WASHINGTON — Internal Revenue Service officials today announced plans to launch a new National Research Program (NRP) reporting compliance study for individual taxpayers that will provide updated and more accurate audit selection tools and support efforts to reduce the nation’s tax gap. The latest […]

The Cohan Rule

Today TaxMama hears from Roberta who says. “Some time back, you wrote about a rule of providing most but not all proofs for deductions. I think it was called something like “Irving’s rule”. Please send the correct name and where I can read about it.”

Divorce Payments

Today TaxMama hears from Gary in Missouri, who tells us “I am a retired military man and the judge gave my ex-wife one half of my retirement check…actually, I lose 55%, including child support. Is any of that deductible from my taxes?”