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A Day In Tax Court

People, hearing the word tax, sometimes turn around and walk away from me. Just the idea of taxes frightens them so! It is a daunting subject. Especially when you are having problems with the tax system, yourself. (In fact, at my very first television interview on Good Day L.A., the host, Mario Machado, did exactly […]

Short Sales et al

Today TaxMama hears from Lori in Florida with a depressing question. “Can you please tell me where I would find more info on the tax implications from doing a short sale of primary residence? I have quite a few Florida clients that are doing this vs foreclosure. I know that it is cancelled debt, but […]

State Due Dates

Today TaxMama wants to alert you to the due dates in your state. You’re all aware that IRS changed the due date of your personal tax return to April 17th this year, right. But did your state do the same? At last week’s breakfast meeting of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Society […]