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Disability Wages

Today TaxMama hears from Leslie in the TaxQuips Forum who makes an excellent point. “When a Member of the Screen Actors Guild becomes disabled, in order to receive their Pension, they must sign paperwork. One of the acknowledgments is that “You have been made aware that FICA should not be taken out of your residuals […]

Harry Potter Mania

Last Friday, my office manager, Lulu, and her friends went on their annual outing to see the Harry Potter movie – in IMAX. Did you know they’ve been putting it out in IMAX format for 3 years? I had no idea. Well, heck, I had to see this! So I booked tickets to the IMAX […]

Looking Younger

Today TaxMama hears from Deneice in Petaluma, CA, who says. “I am the bookkeeper for an actor, who is (uh hem) getting older. He does commercials and the company he works with would like him to maintain as much of his ‘youthful’ image as possible. For him to do this, he has had some Botox […]