TaxMama’s Tax Roundtable – April 22, 2010

Today’s topics included:

Introductions of the participants –
Suzan Ali, EA; Tom Buck, CPA, Rita Lewis, EA,
Carline Williams – about to be EA; Wayne Davis – about to be EA; Joan Hughes, EA
Dealing with aging and retirement
Starting to use TaxMama’s Family Forum
Homebuyer’s Credit follow-up
Ethical question about clients and Social Services
EA Exam Questions
Note:  TaxMama’s Tax Roundtable is a monthly live discussion open to all TaxMama Family Members and above, and all TaxMama’s EA Exam and Solving the Tax Puzzle Students. Don’t you wish you were here?

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  1. TaxMama says:

    Dan Diffenderfer found us the Readers Digest article we were looking for – Swap Nation – Why Bartering Is Making a Comeback

    And here are some other resources to help exchange designer clothing – and more.

    Just remember, there are tax implications of barter .

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