Taxing Your Patience – The Final Day

HOW TO ENTER: Entering the contest requires the following three things:

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  2. Post your question on the “Taxing My Patience” forum
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We’ve been having quite a time this past week. Many people have submitted questions.  But not too many. In fact, right now, you have better than a 20% chance of winning the H&R Block At Home Premium Software. So, do submit your question before midnight tonight – PACIFIC time. 

Thanks to all who entered and participated. The contest closes tonight at midnight PST.

Thanks to Office Depot and H&R Block  for making this contest possible!

We will select the 5 winners of the H&R Block at Home premium software tomorrow.  They will be announced in Friday’s Ask TaxMama – after we notify the winners privately.

Your prize will be shipped to you on Monday – if you have provided your mailing address. If not, they will be shipped once we know where to ship your prize.

Note: You will be disqualified if you did not provide a valid or correct e-mail address – or if you have unsubscribed from the database. Your prize will go to the next person. (In other words, it is each entrant’s responsibility to ensure you can be located without fuss!)

Questions this past week have covered topics like,

  • What is my “Tax Home”?
  • Just how DO you report barter income?
  • Can I deduct my Internet use?
  • What is the best strategy for dealing with refunds as an injured spouse?
    Heck, what IS an injured spouse?
  • Can H&R Block At Home Software import my stock sales data?
  • Reporting Dad’s share of the Farm?
  • Accounting entries for Tenant In Common Income – and reserves?
  • Domestic Partner as Head of Household?
  • Deducting last year’s mileage for my delivery job?
  • Took my car donation deduction too soon – can I deduct the rest of it now?
  • And lots more.

You can read the questions – or add your own at

Remember, the contest ends at midnight PST, February 3, 2010!

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