Young People Rule!

(Or the Generation Gap)

Bob, A self-confident college student was walking along the beach one day, when met an elderly gentleman, Mr. Franklin. They started talking. Young Bob explained to Mr. Franklin why it must be impossible for the older generation to understand or even identify with Bob’s generation.
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As Bob explained, his voice grew loud enough for others around him to hear him clearly. People started to gather round and listen.
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Bob said, “You grew up in a different world, a very simple world. Our generation has always had television, jet planes, space travel, moon walks, nuclear and solar energy, computers with unlimited capabilty, cell phones and connectivity wherever we go.

Mr. Franklin listened and waited respectfully until Bob finished his litany.

After a moment of silent contemplation of the enormity of Bob’s message, Mr. Franklin, agreed. “You’re right Bob. We didn’t have any of those things when we were young.

So we invented them and created them for you.”

“Now Bob, what are you doing for the next generation?”

The applause of the gathered crowd was deafening!

Courtesy of Floyd Greenman, EA in Chatsworth, CA

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