Watch Today: Allianz Stole Premiums from Concentration Camp Victims

On Friday afternoon, February 15, at 5 pm Eastern Time, Huffington Post Live will have a program on the Holocaust insurance issue. Holocaust Survivor Foundation (HSF) leaders Leo Rechter and Ivar Segalowitz will be live in the NYC studio with the moderator, and eminent historian Edwin Black, author of IBM and the Holocaust, will participate, as will our attorney, Sam Dubbin.

The way to watch the program is to click on the Huffington Post Live website,

This is an extremely important program because the entire premise of Huffington Post Live is to combine news content such as the reports about HSF’s demonstrations against Allianz this past weekend, with internet and social media, to galvanize public policy discussions and action.

The Program will feature many of the factual and historical materials that HSF has relied on in advocating for a complete accounting by Allianz and other insurers such as Generali of their Holocaust-related insurance policies and actions. In addition, it will provide the audience with the new on-line petition on that HSF has created, which can be found here.

It is vital that you make sure everyone on your email list, your friends, family, and colleagues watch this segment Friday afternoon and participate. It will be equally important for you to urge them to sign the petition and circulate it to as many people as they can.


This is legislation that Renee and Klaire Firestone have been in the forefront of for many years. Renee testified twice before Congress, once at the House Committee on Foreign Affairs and once in the Senate’s same committee.

In the years leading up to the Holocaust, victims of Nazi persecution tried to protect their assets and families’ futures by buying life, annuity, dowry, and other forms of insurance from companies such as Allianz of Germany, and Generali of Italy. Allianz is particularly notorious as it was closely linked to the Nazi regime. Its chairman Kurt Schmitt became Hitler’s Minister of Economics, and Allianz also insured SS factories, motor pools, barracks, and death camps, including Auschwitz. This was at the same time Allianz was insuring the lives of the Jewish inmates of those camps. After World War II, Allianz stonewalled survivors and heirs by denying their right to redeem their policies, demanding death certificates, and demanding original policies. By withholding these payments, Allianz became the one of the five largest insurance companies in the world.

Customers doing business with Allianz or its subsidiaries such as Firemans Fund and Pimco, are benefitting from Allianz’s Holocaust profiteering.

Today, Allianz owed Holocaust survivors and heirs more than $2 billion.

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