Ask Taxmama Issue 429 – The Final Deadline

Dear Family,

Tax season countdown – 3 days.

Are taxes a mystery to you? That’s what makes them fun!

You’ve been very active this week. Fascinating
notes, comments, suggestions – and a story.

Did you the story of Blaire Borthayre’s family?!

In many ways, she could have been writing about my
family. In speaking about her culture, you may find

some stereotypes smashed. That’s as it should be.

This month, other cultures have holidays and celebrations,
especially since this is traditionally harvest time.
How does your culture deal with October, harvest,
Halloween and all? Please, tell us your stories.!

[Boston Legal, a while back, came up with a script that
pitted a Wiccan couple against a Christian couple,
against a school principal who dressed up as a wicked

and noisy witch. That was more thought-provoking than
you might have imagined.]

In this week’s TaxQuips, we range from crystal balls
to great balls of fire. Not really. But it sounded
good for a second didn’t it?

Our Money Funnies has a clever twist. I always like
unpredictable punch lines. Don’t be taken aback by
the subject matter. It’s quite innocent. Really.

IRS news is filled with resources for last-minute filers.

Just a note to those of you who are still trying to
gather information in order to file a perfect tax return.


At some point, you have to stop and file that tax return.

If anything is still missing, ESTIMATE. Come up with a
reasonable number. Attach a note explaining why it’s an
estimate. And when you finally get the correct documents,
you’re free to amend the tax return then. Meanwhile, you
stop all the late filing penalties and other nasty things.

Now that you’re finally done with Tax Season 2007, it’s
time to get organized for Tax Season 2008.

Remember to sign up for the Last-Minute Workshops!

They’ll help you get ready for next tax season.

Never a moment’s peace, is there?

Time to get to hit the road.

Have an untaxing, fun week!

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.


09.30.2007 Last day to establish SIMPLE plans
10.15.2007 Personal and Partnership Returns – FINAL DEADLINE
10.15.2007 Employers Make monthly Payroll tax deposit
10.31.2007 3rd Quarter Payroll Taxes Due
10.31.2007 3rd Quarter Sales Taxes Due



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