Signs of an Improving Economy?

US economy adds 54,000 new jobs in May – that sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

The WSJ’s perspective – Jobless Rate Rises as Pace of Hiring Slows

USA Today adds – Unemployment rates jumps to 9.1% as U.S. economy adds 54,000 jobs

The Huffington Post scoffs – U.S. Only Added 54000 Workers In May As Jobless Rate Rises

And here, I thought 54,000 new jobs was GOOD news. Sheesh!

Let’s try again.

California’s Taxable Sales Up First Quarter 2010

The LA Times says “Shoppers spent an estimated $117.8 billion from January through March, accounting for the biggest year-over-year quarterly increase since a 10.1% rise in the third quarter of 2005, the state Board of Equalization said.”

On May 17th, the WSJ reported  “Gov. Jerry Brown on Monday trimmed his proposed extensions of tax increases for Californians by $2.9 billion, after an improving state economy produced a jump in projected revenue.

Around the Country

Ky.’s government revenue rises as economy improves

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Jobless rate down in D.C. region

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Wells Fargo Chief Stumpf Says Economy Overall Is Improving

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 There may be hope for us yet!