Ask Taxmama Issue 419 – Sales Tax Holidays

Dear Family,

What a wonderful week. After rushing like crazy
last week and all last weekend to finish projects
and meet deadlines, Monday afternoon I flew off to

Las Vegas to meet a man I’d met on the Internet.

We had the most wonderful time. It really was like
two old friends getting together and continuing a
conversation and relationship started long ago.
Have you ever known people like that? Where, when

you see them for the first time, there’s none of
that first meeting awkwardness – it’s as if you’ve
always known them.

Well, Roger B. Adams is like that. You know him,

too. He’s answered questions for many of you,
when we had the TaxMama’s Parlor open in the
TaxTwist site. And you’ve read his words of wisdom
in the pages of the and TaxQuips.

You may not know that he’s been an instructor for

my TaxMama’s EA Exam Review Class for several years.
Teaching live, all the way from Portugal.

And discoursing with him in a really cozy piano
bar in Paris, I learned more about IRS taxation in
international cases than I ever expected to learn.

And some very interesting and lucrative strategies
that we may just arrange to teach you later this year.

His class on International Taxation was a hit at
NATP’s workshops this past week. He was mobbed even
before his lecture started. And people just had so

much to ask they tried to stay with him until I
gently extricated him so he could go and relax after
his 100-minute lecture.

This week’s TaxQuips is one Quip short because
I was traveling on Thursday. No, that’s not the real

reason. Admit it, Eva, you stayed up all night trying
to win $15,000 on a poker machine, and only gave up
in time to pack and head for the airport. It gave me
a wonderful run for my money and it took all night
to lose my original deposit into that machine.

This week’s TaxQuips did launch some interesting

discussions, which are summarized below – and you
can read them all here:

Money Funnies is either hilarious, exploitative,
or just plain nasty, depending on your point of

view. And attorneys will hate it – or cut it out
and pin it on their bulletin boards.
You can read it below – or online.

Let’s see what IRS News holds for you.

Kris Hix, EA from Kentucky, sent me an IRS announcement
about their online W-4 withholding calculator. And I’ve
passed that along. See IRS News below.

We’ll be seeing Kris in Las Vegas at the IRS Tax Forum

next month. Are you coming?

If you are, please let me know. You’ll be invited to a
party one evening.

IRS has also done away with Form 8453, except as a

cover sheet to transmit documents for e-filers.
Read about it below.

And what else? Probably lots more. But I’ll tell you
about it over the coming week. Lots of e-mail to
catch up on. With all the e-mail addresses I use,

from all sources, I was only able to check a few
while on the road and have to answer may of you
who’ve written with questions.

Oh yes, keep an eye out for the newsest radio show
at – TaxMama joins Jeff and Rich

Sloan to discuss what’s going on at

And please, give us your views. Please, respond to
TaxMama’s Survey so we can build the site you want.

Have an untaxing, fun week!

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.


07.31.2007 2nd Quarter Payroll Taxes Due
07.31.2007 2nd Quarter Sales Taxes Due

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