The Millionaire Zone


Use of Social Networks Dispels Myth that the Rich “Go it Alone” in Achieving Success

74% of Americans Want to Turn their Profits into Passions

New York, April 26, 2007—Millionaires use social networks – ranging from the government and their alma maters to friends, spiritual centers and even health clubs – more than non-millionaires, according to research conducted for the just released book,, a social networking site where Americans can connect with other financially motivated Americans in an effort to build wealth.

Some other surprising facts Openshaw encountered in her research are:
· 62% of millionaires said they had to step outside their Comfort Zones to become a financial success
· 82% said it took them more than 5 years to achieve financial success
· Millionaires built their wealth in four primary areas: Stock market/other investments (65%); paid employment (58%), real estate (54%), and starting a business (46%). Only 3% did it by inventing a product.
· Inheritances did not play a large role as only 28% said they had an inheritance of over $50,000

·Education is not as important as people would think – with only 10.8% saying it contributed most to success. Millionaires cited hardwork/perseverance as the key contributor.

In THE MILLIONAIRE ZONE, Openshaw’s seven-pronged plan teaches Americans how to redefine their Comfort Zones to overcome the excuses that hold so many of them back and leverage the relationships and resources around you – in their LifeNet—in new ways. Also included in THE MILLIONAIRE ZONE is a 30-Day Getting Started Program to turn Passions into Profits and the Millionaire Zone Profile. A few of Openshaw’s seven keys to success are:

· Wire Your LifeNet: Make a list of every person and organization you know and inform them of your new venture. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

· Turn Your Passions Into Profits: Discover those personal passions with the greatest potential for income.
· Getting By Giving: Recognize that each individual or situation that enters your life can affect it in one of two ways—improving your net worth or improving your personal being.
· Turn Rejection Into Opportunity: Follow three strategies to turn a “No” into a “Yes”.