Ask Taxmama Issue 420 – New Journeys

Dear Family,

This week is the 515th anniversary of the start of Christopher Columbus’s voyage – when he discovered the Americas.

That was a very exciting discovery for Europeans who needed a political and economic safety valve, since life in Europe and England was so oppressive in those days.

Naturally, those already living in, what is now called, North, South and Central America already knew these places were here. And they were quite content to here, and in the immediate environs. They weren’t off exploring to find a route to the mythical Europe, where the streets were paved
with plagues.

And do you see how good Columbus’ PR was? Despite his celebrated discovery of the ‘Americas’, the continents were named for someone else entirely. Some young whippersnapper who took the initiative and went to the mapmaker with the information about the continent. There’s a lesson here –

He who controls the maps, controls the names.

It’s true even now. My father-in-law was a printer in a small town in California. And the area rotated control of map-printing among the few printers every few years. While it was their turn, if any new streets, lanes or roads turned up, un-named, they would get to name them. After all, they printed the map – it would be right there in black and white (or green, or red or…).

This week’s TaxQuips brought some surprising postcarding practices to light. It started with TaxMama getting a postcard from Farmers Insurance that exposed far too much private information.

Asking for your feedback about whether my reaction was over the top, most of you agreed. In fact, you have your own horror stories to tell – about governments sending out property tax data on postcards, and absentee ballots (whatever happened to the right to a secret ballot?).

Just so you know. I did get an apology from the agent who sent the postcard, who promised to remove us from his mailing list. And one from someone higher up. But they both missed the bigger picture. Read below for APOLOGY FROM FARMERS? Or here

This week’s Money Funnies offering is about, perhaps a cultural perspective on communication?

It’s actually reminiscent of the clerical style differences between the two priests in Ballykissangel’s 6th season. The Australian priest, Father Sheahan is a hunk, and the ladies love him. He has a rather humane way of dealing with his parishioners that literally makes his boss ill.

IRS News this week solicits your opinion on proposed forms for partnerships and corporations. Remember, this is like voting. If you don’t voice your opinions, objections, or suggestions – you get what you deserve.

IRS also released their latest report about the Tax Gap –
how big it is – AND what IRS will be doing about it. Will you, or your clients, or your friends, be part of the problem? Or the solution. No need for you to play Big Brother. But it’s time to speak to your non-filer friends and get them to comply voluntarily.

This is your last shot at voting for the future shape of . nd please, give us your views. Please, do respond to TaxMama’s Survey so we can build the site you want.

Remember, we’re starting the new round of EA Exam Review classes next weekend. Will you be there? Tax preparation and representation is a great career. And there’s never a recession in this industry.

Have an untaxing, fun week!

Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

Your TaxMama is watching…out for you.


09.17.2007 Employers Make monthly Payroll tax deposit
09.17.2007 Corporate Returns Due- FINAL DEADLINE
09.17.2007 3rd 2007 Estimated Payment Due
09.30.2007 Last day to establish SIMPLE plans

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