On a recent “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader?” show, they asked: In U.S. currency, how many bill with Hamilton on it would it take to equal two with Benjamin Franklin on them?

Don’t know?

Sadly, neither did I. I only know Washingtons and Jacksons.
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Question 2: How many Thomas Jeffersons would it take to equal one Andrew Jackson?

Question 3: How many George Washingtons to add up to one Ulysses S.


Question 4: If you had a Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, and Hamilton, how much money would you have?

Question 5: Who was on the 0,000 bill?

(It’s no longer being printed)

To find the answers – Click on the link below to the US Treasury Department’s FAQs on Currency.

And visit the Wikipedia page for more interesting U.S. Currency factoids.

Courtesy of Eva Rosenberg, EA

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