Walking on Water

A minister, a rabbi, and a priest were sitting in a boat, enjoying the warmth of the day.

The minister says, “I left my fishing pole on shore, I’m going to go back and get it.” He stands up, walks across the water, gets his pole, walks back across the water and gets into the boat.

The rabbi looks on incredulously.
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The priest now gets up, says he’s going to get his book back on shore. He walks across water, gets the book, comes back.

The rabbi thought to himself, “I love my brothers, but I can’t let them stand me up like this.
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He says to them, “I’m going to get my sandwich on shore.” He steps out of the boat and falls into the water.

The priest and minister help him back in. Determined to walk across the water himself, he tries again, only to fall back in.

As he’s swimming back up, the minister says to the priest, “We should probably show him where the stepping stones are.”

Courtesy of Courtesy of Dr. Bryan Knight in Montrea, Quebec, Canada

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