Investing in a Good Marriage

A Hassidic family is most concerned that their 30-year-old son is unmarried. So they call a marriage broker and ask him to find their son a good wife.

The broker comes over to their house and spends a long time asking many questions of the son and his parents as to what they want in a wife/daughter-in-law. They give him a long shopping list of requirements.

The marriage broker takes a long time looking, and finally asks to visit the family again. He tells them of a wonderful woman he has found. He says she’s just the right age for the son. She keeps a Glatt Kosher home. She regularly attends Schul and davens by heart. She is a wonderful cook. She loves children and wants a large family and, to crown it all off, she’s gorgeous.

After hearing all this, the family is very impressed and begins to get excited about the prospects of a wedding in the near future. But the son pauses and asks, “Is she also good in bed?”

The marriage broker answers, “Some say yes…some say no.”

Courtesy of Sheree Clinksales in South Carolina