MarketWatch’s Tax Resource

Those of you who were incensed and insulted with the
wastefulness of the new rebates, you’re not alone.

You’ll find Jennifer Waters’ article “Take your stimulus
rebate and shove it, many readers say”

Andrea Coombes gives you “Five valuable tax perks you

don’t want to miss when you file”

I learned some amazing things about just how broad the
base of taxpayers is who qualify for the FreeFile services
“IRS FreeFile plan makes things easy, if you qualify”.

You’ll find the annual online filing article
“Online tax-prep programs keep pace with changes”

And for those of you looking for that very special,

precious person – THE tax professional who’s right for you?
“Five critical factors in selecting your tax preparer”

You will also find Kay Bell’s helpful daily BankRate Tax Tips,
Marshall Loeb’s Daily Tip

and Tom Herman’s WSJ column

It’s all in today’s Tax Resource.