IRS Sets Solution Saturday for Nov. 7; Effort Provides Tax Help in Tough Times

The Internal Revenue Service is holding a special event to help you called Solution Saturday. This program offers personalized tax help to millions of taxpayers arond the country.
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This is a pilot program, being tested in 5 cities. So taxpayers are encouraged to schedule appointments as soon as possible by calling the phone number on the list below.

Appointment lines are open today from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. While appointments are recommended, individuals without an appointment can also visit your nearest IRS location listed on the Solution Saturday roster below.

What kind of help can you expect to get? Essentially, this event is designed to help people who have problems paying balances due this year. It’s also designed to help taxpayers who’ve gotten lost in the installment agreement, offer in compromise, bankruptcy loop without getting their tax situations settled.

In addition to the specialized tax help on Solution Saturday, IRS employees will set up information booths at each location. These booths will offer information on getting the most out of the new tax credits created by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, starting a new business, dealing with difficult tax issues, and navigating the many helpful IRS programs.

“We need to stay in touch with taxpayers and keep the lines of communication open for people who need tax help,” said IRS Wage and Investment Commissioner, Rick Byrd. “Solution Saturday will be another way taxpayers can get access to the help they need to solve their unique issues.”

Foreclosure, bankruptcy, payment plans, penalties, past-due tax returns and other complex tax issues can be a challenge for taxpayers. Many of these issues require contact with specific IRS departments and tax experts. Solution Saturday brings together IRS employees from across the agency to work face-to-face with taxpayers to address unique tax problems or issues.

“People can get help from the IRS website at IRS.
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gov, and they can call us at 1-800-TAX-1040,” Byrd said. “Our goal with Solution Saturday is to offer people dealing with difficult financial situations another way to get help from the IRS.”

Your nearest Solution Saturday location will be open from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on November 7.

IRS Solution Saturday locations and phone numbers:

Atlanta – 401 West Peachtree St. N.W., Atlanta, GA – 404-588-5444

Dallas – 4050 Alpha Road, Farmers Branch, TX – 972-308-7997

Detroit – 477 Michigan Ave., Detroit, MI – 313-628-3120

Los Angeles – 300 North Los Angeles St., Los Angeles, CA – 213-576-4130

Philadelphia – 600 Arch St., Philadelphia, PA – 215-861-1902

Taxpayers who have been losing sleep, who have been faced with wage garnishments or worse should be taking advantage of this opportunities.

Tax professionals who feel they are getting nowhere in the system, or who have been getting the run-around, call up and schedule an appointment. Be sure to bring all the relevant files and a signed, current, valid power of attorney, Form 2848.

Folks, if you don’t have an event near you, don’t despair. According to IRS spokesman Chris Kerns, even after Solution Saturday, you will be able to get help from IRS. Kerns says that IRS staff on the phone and at offices in your area are prepared to help anyone who comes in.
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So, if you can’t afford a tax professional, don’t ignore your problem. Go in and talk to IRS.