IRS Increases 2011 Mileage Rates

 Courtesy of IRS

The following standard mileage rates will apply:

  • January 1 – June 30:  51 cents per mile for business miles driven
    • July 1 – December 31:  55.5 cents per mile for business miles driven
  • January 1 – June 30: 19 cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
    •  July 1 – December 31:  23.5  cents per mile driven for medical or moving purposes
  • January 1 – December 31: 14 cents per mile driven in service of charitable organizations.

These rates apply to the use of cars, vans, pickups, or panel trucks.

6 thoughts on “IRS Increases 2011 Mileage Rates

  1. TaxMama says:

    Dear Juanito,

    Do you mean to say, you’d like to know if you may deduct your mileage on your income tax return?

    No. You may not.

    When your company has a reimbursement policy, the IRS expects you to turn in your logs to your employer to get reimbursed.

    If you fail to do so…you lose – on ALL levels.

    You may not get the deduction.
    And your company doesn’t give you your money.

    So, get on the ball and start turning in your logs IMMEDIATELY.
    And if you can’t keep up – get someone to help you submit them each week or month.
    BEFORE your company’s deadline.

    Good luck.



    To Whom It May Concern,

    Good morning, afternoon, and evening. I would like to know of how long can an employee reclaim his or her mileage if the individuals has not turn in their mileage log forms since October 2012? Prior to October 2012, the employee had been getting mileage standard gas reimbursement flat at 150.00usd per month. Since then the employee has not received and gas reimbursement due to the fact that mileage log sheet has not been turned in. Please kindly respond back to my email above. Your fast respond is greatly appreciated..

    Juanito Talastas

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  4. ram says:

    i had an issue from a tax filing agency which claims to be an authorized and legal tax filing experts on the name of Tony Patel, Licensed CPA & PHD in accountancy :-), and they are claiming that 30,000 people are using their services.

    By looking at the web site i trusted them to be very legal and authorized personal to Tax file my returns. Down the lane i found out that they are fraudulent and falsifying people. they have been threatening me to take to court if i don’t agree to the terms and conditions and pay them money for the services which they never offered. This organization has been falsely claiming huge returns from the IRS by falsifying information about client expenses which were never involved.

    So…filed a complaint with Texas State Board of Public Accountancy and investigation started back in Mar/2011…but, i still see they are still in business and their website is up and running…

    I would request you to suggest me how to proceed against such type of fraudulent organizations. Many other people could be victims of identity theft (they have all my details ) and lot of harassment. I have been stressed out all this time trying to find out an appropriate solution but have been in vain.

    Pls suggest…!!!

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