Heavenly Marketing Strategies

Bill Gates came up to heaven and God wasn’t sure what to do with him. On one hand, he gave a lot of charity, but on the other hand, he created Microsoft Windows, an operating system fraught with problems.

So God decided to give Bill a choice, let him decide whether he wanted to go to heaven or hell.

“Well, what are heaven and hell like?” asks Gates.

God takes Bill Gates to heaven where he sees a bunch of rabbis pouring over Talmudic texts. Then, he takes him to hell where he sees a beautiful beach with palm trees.

Without giving it much thought, Gates concludes, “I’ll take hell.

A couple days later, God goes down to see how Gates is doing, and he’s furious.

“I’m burning to a crisp down here!
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This isn’t what I saw before!
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To which God replies, “I’m sorry, you must have seen a screen saver!”

Courtesy of Cynthia Lauren in Santa Monica, CA

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