Ask TaxMama Issue 674 – Happy Prez Weekend

Dear Family,

Odd-funny things keep happening around here. Like scraping ice off my windshield – in California! Like going to our breakfast meeting and the restaurant is closed. Like the IRS press release that that help and information is available in Spanish – but the press release was in English. Like my friend sending me a funny paper – and I miss the whole point because I’m proof-reading it, instead of reading it. Like my husband’s Valentine’s Day gift actually arriving on Valentine’s Day via , even though I didn’t pay for priority shipping. (What’s with all the likes? I’m a Valley Girl, so, hey, gag me! OK?!)

And speaking of my husband. He’s developed a relationship with this little girl and her mother, who picks her up from the school bus. Margaret (the little girl) gave him a hand-made Valentine’s card. (Aaawww….how sweet. Sometimes, I really wish I had a daughter.)  The subject of taxes came up, and Margaret’s mom mentioned that she has MY organizer on her desk. Now, that blows me away!  I didn’t know I had an organizer, except one I give to my own clients. (I love mysteries. So here’s one for me to solve. )

On the other hand, I’ve just learned something totaling chilling about Allianz Insurance and the chairman of the company during WWII. Apparently, while he was Hitler’s Minister of Economics, Kurt Schmitt took insurance premiums from concentration camp internees, knowing they would die – knowing he would never pay those claims. There’s an important program on Huffington Post Live this afternoon.  Please read about this here. Please add your name to the petition demanding they answer for this.

Speaking of pain and sickness brings us to this week’s Money Funny.  We bring you some Sick Humor (not quite what you might expect, though.)

Once again we’ve been flooded with questions this week.  I really, really, really want to thank Mike Reed, EA for helping with so many answers.  And Uncle Bill helped prove that, this year, finally, the IRS is accepting PDF attachments to efiled returns. So, if they are accepting it from the pros, you just might be able to do it with consumer software.

In today’s IRS News, the IRS website has a message alerting us that their “Where’s My Refund” tool is totally overwhelmed. So please, save time. Don’t look for your refund until at least two weeks after you filed it. You’ll get it faster if you deposit it to your account electronically. Next, when it comes to filing status, you would think that would be a simple choice. But from the questions we’ve gotten in the TaxQuips Forum, clearly, it’s not that easy. Incidentally, if you have been waiting to file your tax return because you have an education credit, you should be able to file now. That form is supposed to work today.

Finally, here’s the information for the Webinar:  Reconciling the 1099-K and 1099 MISC. You can read all about it, and sign up here.   (Family Members and students, stand by. You will be getting an invitation with a discount code, to pay $-0-.)

As a result of many questions or problems that came to me this week, today’s MarketWatch column, will be about why to work with a tax professional, and information about your options. In other words, Tax pros: Not just for tax season anymore!

In this week’s Equifax Tax Blog you’ll learn about tax laws that will affect you THIS year, in 2013. Other articles talk about refinancing, best and worst credit scores by state, and more.

This will be a long weekend, with Presidents’ Day coming on Monday. All government offices will be closed on Monday. So, take the time to enjoy it. And stay out of storms.

And have a great weekend!

As always, we love your feedback, opinions and ideas.

You are what makes all this fun – and interesting!

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Hugs from your favorite TaxNerd,

Eva Rosenberg, EA

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