Ask TaxMama Issue 640 – Happy Cinco de Mayo Weekend

Dear Family,

I’ve spent the morning emailing back and forth with niece on the other side of the continent. There are secret goings on within the family to create a very special party and a present for the woman who needs nothing – my mom. Soon to be 90 years-old, she will be getting a special tribute from the family and her long-term friends (those that still live). It’s exciting to see the younger generations getting involved enthusiastically and creatively to produce something Mom will treasure – and be able to show off to her friends. (It’s going to take a bit of work, because this matriarch is presently the mother of an entire tribe. Several generations of children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren – numbering in excess of 50, as of the latest birth!) The Internet has some wonderful tools to coordinate the planning and to produce special gifts.

This week, I had time to start catching up on my reading. There were a couple of tax-related court cases you might find interesting. You’ll find them summarized as part of this week’s IRS News offerings. They relate the amount of documentation you need, or don’t need, to prove the costs of improvements on your home (or perhaps other assets) – and how long IRS can audit you if your estimates are way out of line.  We also have an improved IRS charity tool for you today – you can look up charities online to see if they are for real – or if IRS has revoked their non-profit status.

This week’s Money Funnies is a mental pun (you’ll see what I mean), as we help the princess overcome her melting problem.

With summer coming up, it seemed a good time to help you write off your family’s vacation. So, today’s ITSAWHAMTHING.COM column covers exactly that.

We had another fun session of Everything You Want to Know About the EA Exam. Some good questions were raised – and some new information about this year’s exam. Along the way, I found some errors on the IRS and Prometric sites related to the EA Exam. IRS has fixed their errors and Prometric will be does correcting the error in their list of topics covered in Part 3. You can replay this week’s session – right here.

If you want to see all the TaxQuips from earlier in the week, drop by here. Topics include  Withholding from Contractor, Internet Job, IRA Tax Lien, and Taxes After Death .

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Let’s address a few tidbits of news – and go back to work!

TaxMama’s fun new contest has ended. TaxMama has announced the Ultimate TaxNerds of 2012 – they are Clint Masser and Melissa Guy!

1) Weekly Equifax blog is still going strong.
Filing Taxes: Paperwork For Your Tax Professional
Avoid Paying Penalties on Estimated Taxes

Learning from Your Tax Filing Mistakes

BizFilings (I will be writing a half dozen articles for them this tax season)
What is the Best Entity for Your Business?
The Non-Profit as a Business Model


Home Based Business Accounting Software Options

Writing off your Family’s Vacation

You can find daily TaxQuips into YouTube videos

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05/15/2012 Employers Make Monthly Payroll tax deposit on the 15th of each month
06/15/2012 Individuals, Farmers & Fishermen Pay 2nd Quarter Estimated Tax Payment
06/15/2012 Corporations – 2nd Quarter Estimate Tax payment Due
06/15/2012 Estates & Trusts 2nd Estimated Tax Payment
06/15/2012 Employers Make Monthly Payroll tax deposit on the 15th of each month
06/15/2012 US Taxpayers Overseas Individual Personal Returns due
06/15/2012 US Taxpayers Overseas Claim Foreign Earned Income
06/15/2012 US Individuals Overseas Personal Return Extensions due
06/30/2012 File Form TDF 90-22.1 – Report of Foreign Banks with $10,000 anytime during year

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