Ask TaxMama Issue 596 Tax Deadline Approaching

Dear Family, 

This morning has been filled with last-minute work, finalizing articles for MarketWatch and the blog, responding to students and clients – and messing with interface for the newsletter (I could scream!) And the time has rushed by.  I need to run out for appointments, so today’s issue will be brief.

 We have a new budget – I’ll give you more details on Monday – or perhaps will discuss it on the air with Bob McCormick at KFWB – tune in then – and call us, give us your opinions. We’ll be there from 9-11   KFWB-TaxMama Tax Day Call in Event.

TaxMama’s EA Exam Review Class

Tax pros wanting to sign for TaxMama’s EA Exam Review Course, the discount is now 5%

However, to balance it out…I have raised the discount for Family Members to 15%. And you can use both discounts – to get 20% off the price of the class – but only until April 19th.

IRS will be releasing the new renewal forms for EA for $30 next week!

Answering Your Tax Questions

Your questions are pouring in – and I am delighted to tell you we are answering them all.  Remember, post your questions in the TaxQuips Forum – I try to answer everyone early in the morning. If you don’t get an answer right away, be merciful! It’s tax season. We’re working. We WILL answer you. If you want to ensure getting an answer soonest – join the Family!

All the same wonderful people have been answering questions!

We covered SO much ground in the TaxQuips Forum this week. Dealing with Hoarder Houses with help from Tax Nerd David Toelkes, a real estate professional in SC. Mike Emeigh the NC TaxPro, Rita Lewis an Enrolled Agent from CT, and Kris Hix, EA in Kentucky were all busily answering your questions, too. This is while they are deeply immersed in their own client work. I am so grateful to get such good information from such terrific people.

Thanks again to everyone who’s been pitching in and helping out! When tax season is over…you will be getting gifts. Make sure I have your mailing address.  Thank you all ever so much!

You will find the highlights of this week’s articles, below, along with this week’s features – IRS News, Money Funnies, AccountingWeb Blog, and more.

Remember, we will be using Twitter more and more often, to get quick notes and updates out to you – . You don’t need to subscribe to Twitter if you’re on Facebook. Just friend me there. The posts will appear there, as well.

More Places to Ask Your Tax Questions!


As you know, I am doing my best to give you opportunities to ask your questions, get answers, or just plain get useful information. I am using every means to reach you and your friends – and to keep you in the loop about changes to tax laws, and to give you information to help you keep your taxes as low as possible. That’s my goal in life – is to keep you safe from taxes, tax predators and tax audits. 

You can find lots of information in this week’s articles and interviews.



MarketWatch radio has a new feature – Red, White and Blue Chips.
TaxMama with Alisa Parente in – Can You Trust Your Tax Preparer?
(You might want members to share this link with their clients.)BlogTalk Radio – on April 13th at 3:30 pm Pacific
Moderator for H&R Block show with Dr. Brad Klontz
Talking to your Teens about Money – and the
H&R Block Dollars and Sense school grant program.

Coming up next week

WTOP with Mike and Bruce
Monday April 18, 2011 8:20 am ET

Monday’s Tax Day Call-in.
Please invite everyone  to call –
we will talk about planning tips for 2011 in the 2nd hour.

TaxMama writing:

Students and Money
Pulling Passports of Tax Offenders

This week’s MarketWatch article
The April Last Minute Checklist

WSJ Tax Blog

Roni Deutch’s documentary “Death or Taxes: The Sad Truth About Our American Tax System.”

Incidentally, these columns are all syndicated through the Dow Jones Newswire.

This week’s Equifax article is 
Last Minute Filing Tips, 6 Mistakes Every Tax Filer Should Avoid

This week’s Suze Orman article is about
Women-Owned Businesses Part 3

You can find daily TaxQuips into YouTube videos

And again, there’s more…I just can’t remember it all In today’s issue of Ask TaxMama

In IRS News, IRS gives you an opportunity to tell them what you think needs to be fixed.


In Money Funnies ,  we learn that twenty bucks can raise the dead.  

This week’s TaxQuips  we talked about legal fees, how to get IRS to release a refund, how taxes can affect your insurance rates, an about deducting legal fees to get loan reductions and modifications. Read all about it here – 

Note: You can view them all on YouTube, too at  Daily TaxQuips from TaxMama® – taxmama1’s channel.

As always, we love your feedback, opinions and ideas.

You are what makes all this fun – and interesting!

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04/18/2011 Last Day to set up and fund IRAs and Roth IRAs for previous year

04/18/2011 Individual Personal Returns due 

04/18/2011 Personal Returns due – Nonresident, US income, etc.

04/18/2011 Personal Returns due – Easy Form Return

04/18/2011 Personal Returns due – Not Itemizing Return Form

04/18/2011 Personal Return – Extensions due 

04/18/2011 US Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Return

04/18/2011 US Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Return Extension Due

04/18/2011 Partnership Returns due 

04/18/2011 Issue K-1’s with Partnership Returns

04/18/2011 Electing Large Partnership Returns due 

04/18/2011 Estate & Trusts Returns are due; Bankruptcy fillings use the same form

04/18/2011 Partnership, Estate & Trusts Returns – Extensions due 

04/18/2011 Individuals, Farmers & Fishermen Pay 1st Quarter Estimated Tax Payment

04/18/2011 Corporations – 1st Quarter Estimate Tax payment Due 

04/18/2011 Estates & Trusts 1st Estimated Tax Payment

04/18/2011 Employers Make Monthly Payroll tax deposit on the 15th of each month


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