Ask TaxMama Issue 538 – Stop Taxing My Patience

Happy Birthday to my friends, Lulu & Barbara! 

Dear Family,

Much of my time this month has been spent getting ready to do the radio tour for the Office Depot – H&R Block Stop Taxing My Patience Promotion; and getting the contest set up, so you can ask your most pressing tax question – and 5 random winners will get a box of H&R Block at Home Premium software. We’ve been doing that, and getting the new site ready for prime time.

Whew! We made it in time. Your response has been glorious. Feedback we are getting on the new site is enthusiastic.

And my enthusiasm is boundless. I have been wanting to build this for you for 10 years. Each time I’d get started with a web designer, they’d agree to do it, then they’d go and build something completely contrary to what I requested – and totally useless to me – or to you. Finally, after over 10 years, I am able to give you what I’ve always dreamed of – a tax information site you can actually USE!

The new site is much more useful for you. Once you log in, along the left side, you will find categories and topics, with answers to questions gathered all in one place. You can use the forums to ask questions and get answers from TaxMama and the Tax Pros (sounds like a good name for a rock band?). Resources are being added, including e-books, articles, links to tools, calculators and forms. And lots, lots more. This is going to be the only place you need to go, as a starting point to get all the tax information you need.

TaxMama was on Jim Blasingame’s Small Business Radio show this morning (which is why I am running a bit late today). Jim is now on featured on – you can see who’s been on his show each day – and link directly to the clips from the show. Today, we talked about the new licensing program for tax professionals, deductions for business, and extra standard deductions you can take, even if yu’re not itmizing. Listen now

As you know, Wednesday was spent virtually traveling to visit radio shows around the country on behalf of Office Depot, H&R Block – and TaxMama. I love doing radio. It’s so much fun. You can read all about it here.

Please keep me company on Sunday, as I join Jeff Levy, the Digital Doctor on KABC at 2:30 pm. You are invited to call in with your questions. You’ll love Jeff. He knows everything about computers and laptops and the Internet and…You can listen to the show live, even if you are not in California.

Do you want to win some money for your business? Or help your favorite business win money? Read about Intuit’s Love A Local Business competition. And please, feel free to vote for us, too.

Please add another helpful tip to this week.

This week TaxMama’s TaxWatch tells you how to get your tax return done for free. And meet a delightful and passionate volunteer tax preparer.

In today’s Money Funny you learn how to save money on paper towels – and get some really terrific ideas.

This week’s IRS News we learn how to take your deductions to Haiti recoveries on your 2009 tax return, we also learn if you have to file a tax return.

In TaxQuips this week we learn about earthquake and disaster insurance coverage decisions, whether you can use two $10,000 penalty exclusions when you pull money from an IRA to buy a home, how to stop IRS from sending employment tax forms after you no longer have an employee, and how to fix the problem of tips not being reported to the boss.

As always, we love your feedback, opinions and ideas.
You are what makes all this fun – and interesting!

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