6 Simple Steps to an Offer-in-Compromise: Completing Form 656

Table of Contents

  1. Understanding the “Offers”
    • Doubt as to Liability
    • Effective Tax Administration
    • Doubt as to Collectability
  2. Influence/optimize the outcome
  3. Strategies for Offers
  4. Presenting the Offer
  5. Setting Expectations
  6. Plan for Appeals
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6 Simple Steps to an Offer-in-Compromise – Resources

Collections Financial Standards Tables

IRS e-Services System

IRS TaxToolKit

Pitbull Collections Software

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6 Simple Steps to an Offer-in-Compromise: Completing Form 656 - Powerpoint Course

Links to www.irs.gov PDFs

Form 656-B – IRS Offer in Compromise Booklet

Form 656-L – Doubt as to Liability

433A – Collection Information Statement for Wage Earners and Self-Employed Individuals

433B – Collection Information Statement for Businesses

433F – Collection Information Statement


Form 2848 – Power of Attorney



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