Representing Your Client at a 1040 Audit

Table of Contents

  1. The end of the audit
  2. Closing letters – how to read them, and ensuring you get
    them, and the importance of ensuring you get them
  3. Adjustment of tax attributes
  4. Amending prior IRS and State returns affected by the
  5. Preparing current year returns based on audit results
  6. Getting liens release
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Representing Your Client at a 1040 Audit – Resources

IRS Examination Correspondence

Practitioner Priority Service 866-860-4259

IRS National Research Program – random audits,,id=171023,00.html

Small Business Taxes Made Easy – Chapter 13

IRS Audit stats for 1996 – 2002

IRS Audit Technique Guides,,id=108149,00.html

IRS industry information

Biz Miner – look up sample P&L by Industry

IRS Appeals,,id=98180,00.html

Taxpayer Advocate Service

Tax Court Petition

Tax Research and Answers – if you don’t know how:

Learn Tax Research at CPE Link:

TimeValue Software  – Get 20% to over 50% discount – tell them TaxMama sent you

Need help  – Consult  Tom Buck, CPA and Sonya Wilt, EA

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Representing Your Client at a 1040 Audit - Powerpoint Course

Links to PDFs

IRS Comparison of TCMP and NRP results 1988-2001

IRS Form 211 – Reward for being the first one to turn someone in

IRS Publication 3605 – Fast Track Mediation (FTM)

IRS Form 14017 – Request for FTM


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