Should You Be in Business for Yourself?

mature man working from home or sorting the home finances


You’re in business to have more control over your life and time, to earn more money than you could in a traditional job, and to build a future—and a legacy—for your family and the generations to come.

You’re not in business to supply a flood of paperwork to the government. Nor are you sweating blood trying to meet your business, financial, and family obligations in order to buy your tax pro a new BMW. Yet, that’s what it often feels like you’re doing, as the local, state and federal governments pile on ever more reporting and licensing obligations.

Seriously, there’s more to running a business than appears on the surface. Some people make it appear effortless—and they often go out of business quickly as a result. Others make it seem a gargantuan burden—and they end up hating every minute of it. They destroy their family and relationships in the process, blaming everyone else for their failures.

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