TaxMama’s Tax Roundtables September 2011 Session

September 15, 2011 Tax Roundtable

TaxMama’s Tax Roundtable is a monthly live discussion open to all TaxMama Family Members
and all TaxMama’s EA Exam and Solving the Tax Puzzle Students.
REPLAY today’s session below – you can listen and SEE the session and forms.
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Today’s topics included:

– C Corp has profit, but no wages. What do I do?
– LLC taxed as a partnership experiencing losses on rental property
– Gifting and trust issues
– SCorp paid s/h $27,000 in wages and had profit of $55,000. Is this a red flag
– Calculating exercise and sale of company stock
– How long does it take IRS to issue Enrolled Agent card?
– And more

Sept Replay file
Sept MP3 File

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