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Ask TaxMamaLet’s talk about the TaxQuips Forum and asking questions. We’ve gotten a flood of questions this month.

And I am very frustrated with some of them.
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It seems that people are getting excessively accustomed to TwitterTalk to TextSpeak. Stop it!

When you post your question, please:

Remember, this is a free service designed to help you and to point you in the right direction. We give you links to publications, forms and tools that can help you, or help clarify issues so you can discuss them with your own tax professional. We even get into discussions about areas in the US Tax Code that are confusing, or unclear.

If you want to know when someone answers your question, be sure to click on on of these choices when you post your question. Otherwise, it might be hard to find your question again, since we do get so many.

We don’t make decisions for you. We don’t make moral or ethical judgments. Though we might nudge a little and help you find your conscience or try to help you make peace when you are in a dispute. We give you comfort and support when you’ve been having trouble – and, we do have fun! Some of the most terrific people are helping and answering your questions!

By the way, did you know that you can vote on the questions and answers? Yup. There is a little hand with a thumb up and a thumb down that you can select at the top of each post. Play with it , just for fun.

TaxMama Family Members, to ensure that you get an answer soonest, post your question in the Family Forum. Since you have paid for your membership, use it! (If you have a problem, let us know.)

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